Monique Gingras

Monique has served as administrator of Hale-Qamar Cataract and LASIK Center since its inception in 1997. Her extensive background in healthcare management has proven invaluable in dealing with the complex issues that confront today's medical practices. Monique is the rock of our team, working tirelessly in the background and wherever help is needed.
Rosemary Martinez Rosemary began her career working as a front-office staff member for an ear, nose and throat specialist. Over the years, she worked for many different medical specialties, before becoming an integral part of Hale-Qamar Cataract and LASIK Center in 1999.
Melissa Eager, COA Melissa began her work as an ophthalmic technician for a LASIK practice in Seattle, where she assisted with several thousand procedures. Seeking sunnier skies, she moved to Phoenix in order to join the Hale-Qamar Cataract and LASIK Center team in 2004.
Janetta Ilkova Janetta is our newest technician, having joined us in early 2005 after working for another local practice. Having grown up in Czechoslovakia, Janetta retains an Eastern European accent that only accentuates her caring demeanor.