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Our patients come from a wide range of occupations and backgrounds. Amongst them are several hundred doctors and lawyers, many fire and police personnel, pilots, radio and television personalities, judges, a state supreme court justice, professional athletes, a rock star and many business leaders.

A number of our patients were kind enough to share their experiences and express how vision correction surgery has affected their lives.

I am 47 years old and have worn contacts or glasses to correct nearsightedness for over 30 years. I was tired of the hassle of contacts and did not like to wear glasses. I had also noticed that I needed to use 'cheaters' to read small print, such as a newspaper.

I had several friends who had undergone LASIK, and thought it was time to investigate. After interviewing several different offices, I decided to trust Dr. Hale and his staff for my surgery.

Everyone in your office was extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable about the procedure and all the care they would take after the surgery. Based on my consultation with both Dr. Hale and Elizabeth, we decide to try monovision.

It sounds like and odd concept, but it worked for me. Don't ask me to explain how it worked... it just works! I can now read a newspaper and follow a 250-yard drive, without any contacts or glasses. WOW!

Janet, I want to thank you and your entire staff for making such a difference.

Your office was wonderfully professional and very comforting at a time that is very concerning. The office and Dr. Hale have a great system to create a sense of ease and knowledge by being very detailed. Besides being so professional, my eyes are perfect. If anything, you undersell how nice it is to be glass free. Thanks.

My entire eyeglass-wearing life I heard people tell me, "You have such gorgeous eyes. I can't see them behind those glasses. Why don't you wear contacts?" Easier said than done. I was fortunate to have two blue-eyed parents who gave me large blue eyes with very long lashes. But contact lenses were never an option for me. I always felt like someone was poking a finger in my eyes. The solutions I bought would expire before I used them. I then tried daily disposables. I disposed of them after they were in my eyes for about an hour. I still have hundreds of little boxes of disposables, all with the expiration dates long gone.

I was offered LASIK surgery many years ago by my then ophthalmologist. Just the thought of it terrified me. I told him, "Over my dead body. It's my eyes!" But as the science progressed and I knew of more and more people who had undergone the procedure and were delighted with the results, I decided it was time to go for it.

My exhaustive research brought me to Dr. Hale. I made the right choice. The care I received - the attention to detail - the complete professionalism - was superb. I had total confidence in Dr. Hale and the entire staff. The procedure itself was almost a non-event. It took seconds. I could see immediately. I still can't believe I'm watching television and driving without glasses. It's like a whole new way of life. Really, it's a life-changing event.

The funniest part of my story is the fact that I must have known that someday I would do this. For years, I bought eyeglasses the way some people buy shoes. Mostly, I bought large sunglasses and had prescription lenses put in. Well, for some reason, I saved all those glasses and all the original nonprescription sunglass lenses. I now have about 12 pair of nonprescription sunglasses. I'd say that was quite farsighted for someone who was nearsighted her whole life!



IT'S A MIRACLE! That was my first reaction after LASIK surgery. For as long as I can remember, I have always worn glasses, the coke bottle kind and later hard contact lenses. At the age of twelve, I was pronounced legally blind. Several years ago I was evaluated and found I was not a candidate for Radial Keratotomy. I was very disappointed.

I was your typical cartoon character, the one who runs into walls and doors as well as tripping over furniture. My husband kept me in line by threatening to rearrange the furniture.

Once when I was camping, I felt a bit brave and tried to go to the public restroom to put my contacts in. After all, it wasn't that far away and pretty much a straight shot. Long story short, my father found me wandering around in the wilderness

One last tidbit. My husband thought he had married a blind woman. Now that I can see, he teases me about the fact I may ask for a divorce. He's a "sweetie", so I think I'll keep him!

My experience was fabulous. Dr. Chretien and I became real good friends. I had extremely dry eyes and he had to keep a close watch on me (no pun intended). The care I received by the entire staff was remarkable to say the least. I have recommended Dr. Hale to several of my friends and associates. I can't say enough about my experience. Thank you again for the gift of sight.


I can't begin to describe how I felt before the laser surgery…scared, nervous, uptight, apprehensive and just plain doubtful of the whole procedure. As soon as I went in for my consultation, though, the staff immediately made me feel very much at ease. The staff seemed so confident in their abilities and of Dr. Hale's, that I felt like there was no reason for me to be so worried!

The actual procedure itself was done in about ten minutes or so - and that was for both eyes! There was no pain whatsoever…just a slight pressure on the eye as Dr. Hale performed the procedure.

When the laser surgery was over, I could already see a lot more clearly. And by the next morning, I was driving back to Dr. Hale's office without any glasses!

My new vision has helped me so much in my career and has given me more freedom in playing with my kids. It truly was and still is a miracle!!!

I did my research on all of the doctors in the Phoenix area and I can tell you one name kept coming up again and again - Dr. Lanny B. Hale. If I had to do this all over again, I would do it exactly the same way. I have no regrets whatsoever about this procedure - and I don't have to worry about wearing my contacts ever again! Keep up the great work Doc!



As a physician, I felt great admiration for your practice. I hope my patients see my practice in as good of light as I saw yours. You were all kind and professional. I felt comforted and well taken care of. Thank you so much.

Marwan Bahu, M.D.


I feel like a kid on Christmas morning! The freedom that I now have -- deciding what to do, instead of what I can't do. Swimming, water-skiing, snowboarding…active lifestyle.

M. Dale Houdek


Extremely easy; painless; so much faster than expected. A very caring and efficient staff; every detail was taken care of to ensure a successful and pleasant outcome. I appreciated Dr. Hale's seminar and the opportunity to learn of his theoretical orientation and scientific approach. One of my best and most rewarding decisions!

Lauren Dawson